A Poem: Spirit in the Flathead Forest


5/5/14 Big Fork, Montana

You are the water dripping from the sky

Dripping from my face

Dripping from the trees


You are the water

Rushing down the mountain

Resting in the lake and flowing from my bottle


You are the wind that blows through the trees

The air that I greedily breath as I climb the trail


You are the Cedars, Firs, and Aspen that crown the mountain

The cool moss that covers the rocks and trunks


You are the trail

Steep and rocky

Low and muddy

Flat and shaded


You are the gap in the trees

When vision is open

When mountains, lake, and clouds materialize

When land and sky…heaven and earth blur together


2 thoughts on “A Poem: Spirit in the Flathead Forest

  1. I grew up in Kalispell but live in Portland Oregon now, haven’t been back to Montana for 12 years. Having a picture of Flathead Lake pop up on WordPress was a surprise and almost made me cry (a good, home-sick kind of cry). Thank you for sharing! Also, nice poem and good luck with your trip/new job in Olympia !!

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