Northwest Passage: “My Old Kentucky Home”

The first stop of our trip was very familiar.  I think Jenny could drive to Lexington in her sleep.

Unbridled Spirit

But it was a great way to start: sharing a meal with Tina, Steve, and Cody; taking a run down Newman road; revisiting the familiar comfort of a place Jenny called home for three years

Newman Road Horse

And we got another stamp in our Bourbon Trail Passport…Town Branch

Lexington Brewing and Distilling Company is the only Bourbon maker in Lexington and the only place we’ve ever been that makes beer and bourbon on the same property.  Brilliant!

Even more brilliant is their Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Ale.  An Irish style ale, aged in used Bourbon barrels.

Kentucky Ale


That in itself is reason to travel to Kentucky…and explains the history of this company pretty well.  The founder grew up in Ireland and has advanced degrees in yeast and brewing technology.  He moved to Kentucky to use his expertise for agriculture, but found another passion.  We are very happy he did!

Lucky for me Jenny doesn't like Bourbon...

Luckily Jenny doesn’t like Bourbon…more tasting tickets for me.

Mash Tank

Mash tank used to convert corn, limestone water, and yeast to alcohol.


I love Bourbon, but did not know until Monday how it got it’s name (or at least one version of the story) Apparently, when tax was paid on whiskey made in Bourbon County (Pronounced Bur-bonne, named after our Revolutionary War allies the French), the name was stamped on the side.  In the time it took to travel down river to New Orleans the spirit acquired its trademark color and flavor from the barrel.  Before long people were saying, “Get me some of that Bourbon Whiskey!”

And who could blame them.

Town Branch

Not hard to smile at the end of that tour

Not hard to smile at the end of that tour

As we raced toward St. Louis we had to stop at the home of “the most exciting two minutes in sports.”

Churchill Downs

Rest In Peace Barbaro

Rest In Peace, Barbaro

Only 2 days 18 hours and 55 minutes until Derby day.  We won’t go to Louisville this year, but one day we will make it back in bows, hats, and seersucker.  Saturday, some bar between Ft. Collins and Billings will have to do.





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