Northwest Passage: Packed and Ready

Sunset over the Queen City

Sunset over the Queen City

For months the open road has beckoned and we are finally heeding its call…

All Packed

3,232 miles, hours in the car, and countless surprises.

We have a destination:  A thirteen week traveling physical therapy job in Olympia, Washington… But that doesn’t mean we know where we are going.

For Jenny and I, that’s the point.  Leaving what is familiar and safe to experience new places and new people.  Not settling.  Opening ourselves to the unknowns of  who we are and what we will find around the bend.

In that way I feel a little bit like Odysseus, Moses, or Captain Lewis.

Knowing that we will face obstacles, but having faith that we can overcome themKitty Navigation

Understanding that the trip is less about the destination and more about the journey.  Less about where we end up and more about what we learn along the way…

Map: Charlotte to Olympia


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